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Middle School #4 named for George Wagner​​​​​​

wagnerThe Georgetown ISD Board of Trustees unanimously voted to name Middle School #4 after longtime GISD mentor George Wagner at its regular meeting on September 19. Wagner has served as a mentor and volunteer in Georgetown ISD since 1997, and has been involved in various community programs throughout the years.

The district solicited suggestions for the name of Middle School #4 from the community. More than 435 individuals submitted a total of 83 unique names for the Board’s consideration.

“He has 18 years of mentoring experience, is currently mentoring four to five GISD students, and also runs Junior University. Most of you may not even know who this person is; he doesn’t do this with a lot of fanfare. He does this quietly, and all he is concerned with is helping kids in need,” said one board member.

Over the past 18 years, George Wagner has spent thousands of hours mentoring students, as well as working with parents, GISD staff, the Boys & Girls Club, Brookwood in Georgetown, Head Start, and Juvenile Justice to build positive futures for children in Georgetown. George has routinely mentored 3-5 children per year for the past 18 years and maintains long-term connections with them.

A student who submitted George Wagner as a suggestion for the name of the new middle school said, “Me and Mr. George met when I was in 1st grade and now I am going into the 6th. Over the years, he has taught me to read, to help others, and self-discipline. Mr. George would come to Mitchell Elementary every week and spend time with us. Week after week, year after year. Mr. George helps me be a better me.”

George Wagner Middle School is under construction on Rockridge Lane and is set to open in the fall of 2017.

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